Caring for your child as if they were our own

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Learning and Development

All children when they start at Rhymes will be assigned a ‘Key Worker’ who is responsible for recording your child’s achievements and document their development within their own personal ‘Tapestry Journal’ which you can log in and view at any time.

All staff within your child’s group room are dedicated and enthusiastic to care for your child and build a warm, nurturing relationship.

We plan activities and experiences for your child on an individual basis to enhance their learning and development this is all done with the support of you as parents. We recognise all our children learn in different ways and you know your child best.

If at any point we feel your child may need additional support in a particular area of their development, we will discuss this with you and we can decide together the best route for your child.

Special Educational Needs and Disability

We are committed to the inclusion of all children. All children have the right to be cared for and educated to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We recognise that some children may require particular help, intervention and support. These needs may be short lived for a particular time in the child’s life or may require longer term or life-long support.

At all times we will work alongside each child’s parents and other professionals to share information, identify needs and help the child and their family access the support they need.

Friendly staff, caring / nurturing atmosphere and good facilities.

I really appreciate all the effort put in from you all as our child has developed so much whilst being cared for by you.

Rhymes is a lovely nursery and improving all the time. I'm happy to be a parent as well as an employee of Rhymes Nursery.

Staff will always be available to discuss any concerns you may have and we welcome parents visiting the nursery at any time during the day.